Sussan Riahi, the owner of Sara’s Bloom has designed, embellished, and sold clothing throughout her entire life. Seven years ago she saw the need in the market for beautiful materials on which to embellish. She filled this need with an endless supply of Venice laces, appliqués, ribbon flowers, and other trims that "go with" garments, and are spectacular on almost any project (garments, quilts, etc.). Sara Bloom also features a lace dying kit that enhances her beautiful selection of laces. Along with the kit, she offers all the supplies necessary to simplify the lace dying process.

Sara Bloom
17801 Main St. Suite B
IRVINE, CA 92614
phone 949-651-8484
fax 949-651-8435

Appliqué & Laces

Sara Bloom offers an endless supply of beautiful, unique and hard to find rayon laces. Her designs are exquisite, and impossible to find on the market